Our Goal


The goal of the government of the Grand Order of DR is to reach a higher level of self-reliance and to create a tight-knit, rural community of motivated and happy individuals with like-minded goals of living in harmony. Though the GODR is small, the citizens work to achieve something more, such as to grow and develop the GODR into a micronational powerhouse. The following page covers not only the GODR's main goal, but also smaller, but equally important goals, of the GODR government and the citizens of the nation. 

Main Goal

As stated previously, the main goal of the GODR, the GODR Government, and the citizens of the GODR is to become self-reliant and to create a thriving, happy community. Currently, the GODR has managed to create a tight-knit community of happy citizens and strives to keep it that way indefinitely. However, the GODR has not yet become fully self-reliant. The GODR government estimates that the GODR will not be able to achieve a high rate of self-reliance until at least the year 2025.  Even though a higher rate of self-reliance cannot yet be achieved, the GODR can and is currently able to work towards preparing the day the nation can achieve the desired level of self-reliance. 

Side Goals

The GODR has many other goals besides the main goal at hand. These goals range from big goals, all the way to small, short-term goals. Regardless, each of these side goals are of great importance to the government and citizens of the GODR. 

Below is a partial list of side goals we hope to achieve in the near future: 

This list only covers the most prioritized goals of the nation, and represent what everyone in the GODR is working so hard to achieve. These goals should reach completion in the near future, but only with continued support from those who are making these goals reality.