The land of any nation is one of the most important parts of that nation, following just behind the citizens of the nation. This page will cover the land (territory) that makes up the GODR, including facts, figures, images, and informations regarding the territory. 

Central Province

Central Province is currently the GODR's only province, as well as the entirety of the GODR's land. The province was established on March 17, 2019, established on the same day as the GODR as a whole. The Central Province is made up of approximately a little over an acre of land surrounded by the United States in Northern California. Central Province gets its name from the fact it has always been home to the GODR capital city and central government, as well as its centralized location among former GODR territories. 

Territory Annexation

The GODR plans to annex additional territories in the future, and hopes to spread abroad. Do you wish to join the GODR as a territory or dependency? If so, fill out the Territory Annexation Application found here to apply to have your micronation, territory, or property absorbed into the GODR and receive benefits! Annexation applicants who apply with claims deemed to be invalid or "simulationist" will NOT be accepted into the GODR as a territory or dependency!