Welcome to the Grand Order of DR's first official website! Here, you will find updates, all GODR social media accounts, a brief history of our nation, information pages, pictures, and much more! We hope you enjoy your visit to our page, please feel free to take your time browsing and contact us with any concerns or questions you may have while browsing. (Disclaimer: Please keep in mind, this website is still in it's early developmental stages. It is in a primitive state. Any suggestions you may have are welcome!) 

About Us:

The Grand Order of DR is a micronation nestled between the beautiful California wine country and the magnificent Coastal Redwoods region of the Northern California coastline. Our micronation is small, at just over an acre in size with eight close-knit citizens who make up the populace. Founded in 2019, the GODR has greatly improved and developed over the years under the leadership of our founder and current leader, as well as through the mighty contribution of GODR citizens and foreign friends around the globe! The GODR is dedicated to helping others, and developing a wonderful, self-sustaining utopia! Please continue to enjoy your visit to our site, we hope to inspire you to join us on our mission!

Our Goal

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