The DRM is the civilian defense force of the GODR, made up fully of volunteers. The GODR does not technically need a defense force, and as such, the DRM is normally only activated for emergencies, event security, disaster response, volunteer work, and law enforcement. However, even though the risk of a conflict is highly unlikely and will probably never happen in the lifetime of the GODR, the DRM still trains annually in case such an event does conspire. The DRM is, as of 2021, currently only made up of three members, though any Grand Orderian citizen may join up at any time. As the benevolent, all powerful leader of the nation, the SOL is of course the official head of the DRM, which is a government operated branch of the GODR. 

Land Vehicle of the DRM

Pictured here is a Land Rover Series III in DRM service in 2019. Since the taking of this photo, the vehicle, which was originally used by NATO in the 1970s, has been mothballed and put into storage until the need arises for it's future use. 

Vessels of the DRM

This photo, taken in the summer of 2021, shows the DRM's first fully owned naval vessel shortly after it's acquisition by the DRM, known as the "Grapevine". Though the picture shows the Grapevine in it's pre-overhaul conditions, the vessel is quite ship-shape these days, and is the only vessel fully owned and operated by the DRM. Not pictured here are the other three vessels contracted by the DRM, which are owned privately by citizens of the GODR and contracted to be requisitioned for DRM use, if needed.