Infrastructure in the GODR

The Grand Order of DR, as with all nations, relies on various forms of essential infrastructure to keep the nation moving forward. Infrastructure in the GODR, though minimal and always being improved and expanded, does just that, keeps the GODR moving forward. Currently, the GODR relies on several instances of infrastructure, however, the GODR only operates three forms of infrastructure independently of or with minimal dependency on outside macronations surrounding the GODR. These three instances of infrastructure independently operated by the GODR are roads, sewer systems, and water lines.

Road Infrastructure

The GODR relies on a small, private, one-lane asphalt road that existed for many years before the establishment of the nation. This road, which is in need of replacement, is maintained annually by the citizens of the GODR and individuals who also live and rely on this private road in the area. Together, these GODR citizens and individuals living in the US around the GODR work to fill in potholes, seal cracks, and trim and remove vegetation encroaching on the road. Additionally, the GODR is host to a small gravel road that runs approximately half the length of the GODR's territory, of which is entirely maintained by the citizens of the GODR.

Sewer Infrastructure

The GODR hosts its own sewer system, using a septic tank, which operates completely independent of any macronational sewer system. The GODR is responsible for the maintenance of all current sewer lines and the construction of future sewer lines within the GODR.

Water Line Infrastructure

Even though the GODR relies on water provided by outside water companies and public water mains to transport this water to the GODR, all water lines in the GODR are the responsibility of the GODR and its citizens. The GODR hosts and maintains an estimated 1,350 feet of water lines, which supplies the vast majority of the water the GODR and its citizens use every day. As well as this, the GODR must construct new underground waterlines as the GODR develops and constructs new buildings and facilities, with the most recent waterline construction project taking place in early 2022. This most recent project saw approximately 120 feet of new PVC water line being installed to supply the BozzCo pig pen and the independently owned chicken coop in the southernmost point of the GODR.

Additional GODR waterlines were installed in early summer 2022 to supply a pig pen