Diplomacy Overview

Welcome to the official diplomacy page of the Grand Order of DR. Here, micronationalists looking to conduct official diplomatic relations with the GODR may request so using one of the provided links below. On this page can also be found the lists of treaties, alliances, and organizations the GODR is a member of, the nations the GODR officially has diplomatic relations with, and the requirements a micronation must abide by to conduct any diplomatic business with the GODR.

Current Status of the GODR's Diplomacy Doctrine:

As of 1/20/2022, Diplomacy is Open in the GODR!

The GODR has entered a new age of diplomacy in January 2022, after one and a half years of isolationist policies. Some isolationist policies remain, however, overall, the GODR is OPEN to creating new diplomatic relations.

Treaties, Alliances, and Micronational Organizations the GODR is a Member of:

The Grand Order of DR currently has and maintains membership with four micronational organizations, treaties, and alliances. Throughout the GODR's history, the GODR has been a member of many more alliances and organizations. However, most of these relations or alliances were abandoned in 2021, as they were no longer in the best interests of the GODR and its people. The following list documents all treaties, alliances, and organizations the GODR is active and participating in as of October 2022.

  • Solidarietas Treaty: This treaty, signed and agreed upon by the GODR, formally recognizes and creates official relations with all nations that have also signed the treaty. The treaty was created to spark official bonds between all member nations of the Solidarity Front. Signed by the GODR January 2022

  • Micronation Savior Alliance: This organization, created by three micronations located in Japan, seeks to unite Christians from around the world, as well as create stronger bonds and relations between Western micronations and Japanese micronations. The GODR joined the alliance in early January 2022, to create stronger bonds with the isolationist micronations of Japan, and to help restore positive relations with the Wakoku Federation after a controversy between the two nations in December 2021.

  • The Solidarity Front: The Solidarity Front is a micronational organization created by Andrew Franson of the Federation of Adonia, with some minor inspiration from SOL Dane Bozzoli and others, that strives to create a better online community for micronationalists worldwide. This organization also seeks to help develop new, struggling micronations, help show the macronational world that micronations are something that can be taken seriously, and many other goals that will overall help micronations around the globe. The Solidarity Front is responsible for the Solidarietas Treaty, of which the GODR is also a member. The GODR officially joined the Solidarity Front in late 2021.

Nations with Which the GODR has Official Diplomatic Relations with and Currently Maintains:

The GODR used to have relations with many other micronations since its establishment in early 2019, however, all relations were dropped in 2021, and the GODR has since created new relations with various nations. Below is a list of nations the GODR currently has and maintains relations with as of October 2022.

  • Republic of The Sohnland, since 2021

  • All signatories of the Solidarietas Treaty, since 2022

Requirements and Guidelines for Creating and Maintaining Diplomacy with the GODR:

  1. A micronation must have real, physical territory claims. Claiming large expanses of land that the micronation does not legally own or cannot enforce sovereignty over, such as that of macronational cities or territories claimed by a micronation, are not seen as legitimate land claims in the eyes of the government of the Grand Order of DR. Any micronation making any such infeasible land claims, as well as any other infeasible claims of any kind, will likely be denied recognition by the government of the Grand Order of DR.

  2. A micronation wishing to conduct any diplomatic business with the GODR must prove that they have not violated any basic human rights at any time of their micronation's existence, such as committing discrimination on the basis of race/ethnicity, religion, gender, sexuality, and nationality, the physical denial of basic human rights such as life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness and wellbeing, and any other acts that may infringe on the rights of any human living or deceased.

  3. Micronations that actively participate in micronational "war" will not be admitted any form of diplomatic recognition by the GODR.

  4. Micronations created for the sole purpose of monetary gain, of which also seemingly only want official recognition from the Grand Order of DR for the sake of advertising, will be denied any form of diplomatic recognition.

  5. For relations between the GODR and a micronation to be maintained, both parties must continue to agree and maintain the conditions of the relations that have been created, and acknowledge that such an agreement exists. For relations to officially cease, one or more party involved must cease to maintain relations, and formally declare that the relations no longer exist.

  6. A micronation seeking diplomacy with the GODR is not required to have a existed for a certain period of time, but is required to prove stability within the nation and its government.

  7. A micronational government seeking diplomacy with the GODR is asked to maintain public professionalism

  8. Diplomacy with the GODR may be suspended or withdrawn as the GODR government and its interests see fit.

  9. A micronation that holds diplomatic relations with the GODR must NEVER enact or encourage acts of espionage within the GODR, its territories, or its government. Such acts will result in immediate cessation of diplomacy.

  10. Simulationist micronations, roleplay nations, etc., will not be granted diplomatic relations.

  11. Micronations that spam official government social media accounts or the personal social media accounts of Grand Orderian government officials asking for recognition or diplomacy will not be tolerated, and will be denied.

  12. The government of the micronation requesting to conduct diplomacy with the GODR must submit a declaration requesting to conduct diplomacy or a diplomatic request form, or fill out the form provided by the GODR. Rules and guidelines on how to do so can be found in the "How to Request to Conduct Diplomacy with the GODR" section of the Diplomacy page of the GODR website.

The previous twelve requirements and guidelines were made effective by government order January 20, 2022

Approved by SOL Dane Bozzoli

(This list of requirements and guidelines for conducting diplomatic relations is subject to change at any given time, and are also subject to future expansion)

How to Request to Conduct Diplomacy with the GODR:

To request to conduct relations with the GODR, an official diplomatic request form made by the government of the requesting micronation must be created and provided to the government of the GODR via the official GODR government email or sent in a Direct Message to any of the official government social media accounts. However, repeatedly sending this document or request in a chain of spam may result in the automatic decline of the request by Grand Orderian officials. The document MUST state why the requesting micronation wishes to create diplomacy, and what kind of diplomacy the micronation is requesting. An example of a good diplomatic request form can be seen in the PDF file here:

Diplomatic Request Example Doc.pdf

Alternatively, if the government of the requesting micronation is unable to create their own diplomatic request form, the head of government of the requesting micronation may fill out the "Creation of Diplomacy" google form that will be provided by the Grand Orderian government at the bottom of the Diplomacy page of the GODR website.

Diplomatic relations with the GODR may also be requested or achieved through an official alliance, treaty, or micronational diplomacy organization the GODR is an active member of.

Useful Links to Help Request Diplomacy: