Diplomacy Overview

Welcome to the official diplomacy page of the Grand Order of DR. Here, micronationalists looking to conduct official diplomatic relations with the GODR may request so using one of the provided links below. On this page can also be found the lists of treaties, alliances, and organizations the GODR is a member of, the nations the GODR officially has diplomatic relations with, and the requirements a micronation must abide by to conduct any diplomatic business with the GODR. 

Current Status of the GODR's Diplomacy Doctrine:


Creating new diplomatic relations  with the GODR is currently limited, and is only granted to nations the GODR is already familiar and friendly with. All currently maintained diplomatic relations will continue to be maintained.  

Treaties, Alliances, and Micronational Organizations the GODR is a Member of:

The Grand Order of DR currently does not hold membership with any micronational organizations, treaties, or alliances. Throughout the GODR's history, the GODR  has been a member of many alliances and organizations. However, most of these relations or alliances were abandoned in 2021,  as they were no longer in the best interests of the GODR and its people. Additionally, the GODR withdrew membership from the remaining four micronational organizations and treaties it took part in during the fall of 2022 and winter of 2023. As of March 2023, the GODR is currently looking to join promising alliances, organizations, or treaties that will benefit all nations involved. 

Nations with Which the GODR has Official Diplomatic Relations with and Currently Maintains:

The GODR used to have relations with many other micronations since its establishment in early 2019, however, all relations were dropped in 2021, and the GODR has since created new relations with various nations. Below is a list of nations the GODR currently has and maintains relations with as of March 2023:

Requirements and Guidelines for Creating and Maintaining Diplomacy with the GODR:

The previous twelve requirements and guidelines were made effective by government order January 20, 2022

Approved by the SOL

(This list of requirements and guidelines for conducting diplomatic relations is subject to change at any given time, and are also subject to future expansion)

How to Request to Conduct Diplomacy with the GODR:

To request to conduct relations with the GODR, an official diplomatic request form made by the government of the requesting micronation must be created and provided to the government of the GODR via the official GODR government email or sent in a Direct Message to any of the official government social media accounts. However, repeatedly sending this document or request in a chain of spam may result in the automatic decline of the request by Grand Orderian officials. The document MUST state why the requesting micronation wishes to create diplomacy, and what kind of diplomacy the micronation is requesting. An example of a good diplomatic request form can be seen in the PDF file here: 

Diplomatic Request Example Doc.pdf

Alternatively, if the government of the requesting micronation is unable to create their own diplomatic request form, the head of government of the requesting micronation may fill out the "Creation of Diplomacy" google form that will be provided by the Grand Orderian government at the bottom of the Diplomacy page of the GODR website. 

Diplomatic relations with the GODR may also be requested or achieved through an official alliance, treaty,  or micronational diplomacy organization the GODR is an active member of. 

Useful Links to Help Request Diplomacy: