Hello and welcome to the GODR website's Citizenship page! Here, you will find all information regarding what citizenship in the GODR is, how citizenship can be obtained, and the resources necessary to look further into the process. Below is a handy Table of Contents tool to help successfully navigate the Citizenship page. 

Citizenship Page Overview

Being a citizen of the GODR means being granted full access to all of the GODR's citizen programs and benefits, as well as being able to live within the territory of the GODR. However, GODR citizenship is split into two different levels: Full Citizenship and Honorary Citizenship. Each level of citizenship in the GODR comes with different benefits and responsibilities within the GODR. This page will explain exactly what these two levels of citizenship are and how to achieve them. 

Citizenship Test

A 20-question test is required to be completed by all applicants applying for citizenship. The test will cover topics all citizens, future or present, should know about the GODR. All materials needed to pass the test are publicly available and can be found online via the GODR's websites and social media pages. Applicants applying for Secondary Citizenship must pass the test with a score of 14/20 (70%) or higher. Applicants applying for Full Citizenship must pass the test with a score of 16/20 (80%) or higher. A successfully passed citizenship test does NOT guarantee that the applicant will be granted GODR citizenship. 

Test Topics

The GODR Citizenship Test will cover various GODR-based topics regarding GODR history, politics, government structure, holidays, and culture. All resources needed to successfully pass the test can be found on the official GODR website or social media pages. 

Test Time Restrictions

The GODR Citizenship Test MUST be finished and submitted within two hours of a GODR representative assigning the test to the applicant. Arrangements may be made with the GODR representative to start the test at a later date when the applicant is next available to take the test. If the test is not submitted within two hours of assignment, the test is automatically failed, and the applicant must reapply for citizenship. 

How to Take the Test

In order to attempt to take the GODR Citizenship Test, an applicant must first submit a GODR Citizenship Application Form. After the application is approved by a GODR representative, the representative will contact the applicant regarding the citizenship application process and will email the test to the applicant when the applicant is ready. Once the test is emailed to the applicant by the representative, the applicant has two hours to complete and submit the test.